LFB Ocean Training
LFB conducts ocean training mainly in Izu area. Followings are the locations suitable for freediving where annual training sessions are regularly taken place.

Ocean training has high potential of risking your life. Please accompany experienced freedivers or groups to avoid solo training.

Solo ocean training increases the danger of losing your life.

侾丏ShiShi Hama乮Lion Beach)

丂This is an excellent diving location. You can experience 50m depth after 50m swimming from the beach entry. The diving service center "SEA MAN'S" located next to Route 414 near JR Numazu Station is your entry to Lion Beach. The owner of the service center, Mr. Saito has a great understanding in freediving. We, freedivers, also place importance on paying attention to sucuba divers and observing proper manners to keep good relationship with everyone using this service centrer. The condition of the oean can be rough and the current is sometimes strong enough to sweep away beginner divers. To avoid dangerous solo practice, please register with LFB.

Shishi Hama Diving Service / SEA MAN'S
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丂This training location is also common for Tokyo Freediving Club (TFC) which is a club that many LFB members are also registered. The training spot is off of Shikkake, west side of Manazuru peninsula and divers can get on the fishing boat from "Kokubu Boat". Many TFC members have plenty of experience in freediving and they own reliable equipment and convenient facilities. It is easy for diving beginners to participate in.

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丂The location is in West Izu and it is a popular diving spot for its clear visibility. It is the home location for well-known club, Blue Blood Bros. (BBB) where athletes, Ms. Megumi Matsumoto and Mr. Ryuzo Shinomiya are produced. The training uses the engine boat. The depth can be measured up to 80m under the normal condition even with the high current. Thre are some days that the clear visibility of 30m is achieved. Some comes back for its beautiful color of the ocean, "Ita Blue". "Ita Diving Center" is the contact local service center.

Ita Diving Center
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