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NAME* Taro Lucky
NAME in Japanese kana* ラッキー タロウ
E-mail address* tarou_lucky@freeoloyy.jp
Confirm E-mail address* tarou_lucky@freeoloyy.jp
Phone number* 090-1111-8888
(Emergency) Phone* 03-2222-4444
Zip code 123-9876
Address* Police Park 402, Kameari 1-2, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
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Date of birth 日                          1980年08月31日
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Experience Detail Big Blue apnea academy
King of freediving 2005 Constant 2nd
AIDA 3stars certificate
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Safety control at Lucky Fin Barracuda practice
(The Assumption of Risk Agreement)
Lucky Fin Barracuda (hereafter, LFB) takes all possible measures of safety for our practice. However, 100% of safety can not be guaranteed for the underwater activity. The participants are responsible for their own safety. LFB or LFB staff are not responsible for participants' accident, injury, property damage, and incident of injuring other participants. LFB holds the power to force participants to leave the program when LFB or LFB staff judge that the participants' action to interrupt the safety of the practice.

LFB is the non-profit organization, the limited capacity of whose staff might not be able to correspond to all participants' need.

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